Nutrisciena’s retail customers choose from off-the-shelf selection of different brands that are suitable for their market to resell. We’ll also help them getting the product to market effectively and efficiently through joint advertising campaign in their territory.
Any of our health and nutritional branded products can be reproduced in their own labels in minimum quantity for them to resell in their own market.

We source the finest ingredients to produce the desired nutritional profile and give consumers both texture and taste they enjoy.  Our nutritionists constantly working on new product development to produce unique healthy recipes for our desired nutritional and functional bars, making them healthy and tasty snacks. Our nutritional bar ingredients provide high quality nutrients with high protein content and great taste.

Our healthy bars help athletes achieve their fitness goals and improve their sport performance. We optimised texture, strengthen labelling claims with excellent formulas that will keep consumers coming back for more.

Any of our health and nutritional branded products can be reproduced in your own labels in low quantity for you to resell in your own market. We supply gyms, health clubs, beauty clinics, health shops, food stores, online retailers and pharmacists. Our trade opportunities provide quality products and business opportunity with great income potential.

Our large range of specially developed nutritious bars are made with natural ingredients. Some are vegan, gluten free, non-GMO and no added sugar.
No artificial fillers, bulking agents, additives or colours and the choice of having sustainable Packaging.

1- High protein content bars for sports nutrition
2- Bars to suit special dietary requirements like gluten free.
3- Soft, tasty snacks for the elderly
4- Power bars for pick-me-up energy boosts

We work with several partners on a whole range of delicious, nutritious and healthy products throughout the industry. It gives us the opportunity to collaborate with each other and share our passion together. We often combine different ingredients or flavours into the recipe to turn it into a great new innovative product and get it to the market for a commercial success.
Our products meet compliance and regulatory standards necessary to be sold in most major retail locations across the world.

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